Consistency beats Everything

One thing I’ve learned about getting results – is that consistency beats everything else. Just showing up is the best thing you can do to move yourself forward.

Training through Injury

Can you keep training through injury? Just prior to Christmas I took up snowboarding.  While I throughouly enjoyed the sport, it didn’t come without a price. I fractured a rib early in the season, but the most challenging setback happened on the last day of February when I tore my triceps tendons on a fall. That– read more about Training through Injury –

Create Your Own Journey

  Create Your Own Journey. I’m excited to release this video, which is a small snapshot of my story. I hope you enjoy it. I also hope you find it inspirational. Please drop a “like” or comment on the YouTube page, and share it anyway you can. I’d greatly appreciate it. Best in health, Greg

How to Get Started with Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation can help alleviate stress, achieve clarity, improve creativity, and allow one to live more in the moment. At least, that’s what I’ve been told. Meditation is something I’ve always thought I should do, but I’ve never been able to make the commitment. Maybe I’m not really sold on the benefits… Here’s the thing. I feel like– read more about How to Get Started with Mindfulness Meditation –

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