Active Travel & Longevity in Ikaria

Longevity in Ikaria


There’s a small island in the Eastern Aegean where people outlive almost everyone else on the planet, and I’ll be returning there this June.

Want to join me and learn the secrets of longevity in Ikaria?

Ikaria is one of the Greek islands, a traditional place that hasn’t been spoiled by mass tourism. Named after Icarus, who flew too close to the sun on wings made of wax and feathers, it’s an official Blue Zone.

In fact, there are more healthy people over the age of 90 there than anyplace else on earth!

Announcing the 2016 Active Travel & Longevity Retreat

Our adventure will begin and end in Athens, between June 17th and 26th.

  • Train naturally.
  • Explore age-old traditions.
  • Discover ancient health secrets.


Longevity in Ikaria


Here are some of the highlights of our 10-days in paradise:

  • Ikarian exercise and fitness training daily. 
  • 3 nights accommodations in Athens, including a night at the 5-star Sofitel
  • Day trip to some of the ancient sites around Athens, including Marathon, Tumulus, Vravrona & Cape Sounio.
  • 6 nights accommodations on Ikaria Island, facing the Aegean Sea.
  • Traditional homemade meals, following the Ikarian and Mediterranean diets.
  • Cooking lesson with Thea and Athina
  • Greek dance instruction
  • Local festivals (paniyiri) or impromptu events
  • Hikes through the pine-covered forests and mountains
  • Visits to a local beekeeper and wine producer
  • Time to yourself to rest, rejuvenate and relax — Ikarian style.

Want to learn more?

Visit for further details.

If you’re serious about coming, I have to mention that spaces are very limited (we can only take up to 12) and registration is already filling up. It’s in your best interest to reach out early and secure your spot.

Best in health,



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